The Metropolitan Health Insurance Fund (Metro) works closely with you and your Broker to ensure that you get the best benefits package to meet your needs. Because HIFs are self-funded, owned and managed by member groups they offer a number of advantages and benefits:

  • Increased flexibility in the management and cost containment of the plan.
  • Year-over-year rate stabilization.
  • Reduced costs by eliminating profits and other fees included in traditional commercial insurance plans. HIFs only collect the amounts needed to pay for claims and plan expenses. Excess amounts are returned to members as dividends.
  • Exemption from certain taxes and fees that raise the cost of health care.

What benefits can be pooled?

  • Medical (Aetna)
  • Medicare Advantage (Aetna and UHC)
  • Dental (Delta Dental)
  • Pharmacy (Express Scripts)

Our Wisdom, Your Advantage

All PERMA Health JIFs have a proven track record of fiscal responsibility. The reason is the decision-making process combines our decades of public entity expertise with your needs.

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